Systemic Phenotyping

The phenotypic analysis of genetically modified mouse models in a systemic, multi-organ approach has become a crucial tool for modern genetics research. INFRAFRONTIER partner institutes are world leaders in systemic phenotyping – and they offer the access to their data, their modern facilities, and their outstanding scientific expertise to all interested research partners in the scientific community. If interested, please pbagnpg hf or directly apply to the service:
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INFRAFRONTIER Systemic Phenotyping Service

First described by Gailus-Durner et al. (2009), systemic phenotyping is a broad screening pipeline where mice are analysed systematically covering a wide range of tests to identify novel phenotypes. In other words, it is the systematic analysis of mutant mice through a standardised phenotyping pipeline across a range of biological systems. This type of phenotyping is carried out in mouse clinics within the INFRAFRONTIER consortium and requires large-scale capacity, broad expertise, specific equipment, and dedicated infrastructure.

Systemic phenotyping includes the analysis of a large variety of parameters including:

Mortality & Aging
Reproductive System
Nervous System
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Urinary System
Hematopoietic System
Immune System
Endocrine &Exocrine Gland
Limbs & Digits & Tail
Bones & Muscles
Integument &Pigmentation
Taste & Olfaction

INFRAFRONTIER Partners Offering Systemic Phenotyping:

Systemic Phenotyping Service by Czech Centre for Phenogenomics

Systemic Phenotyping Service by Institut Clinique de la Souris

Systemic Phenotyping Service by The Centre for Phenogenomics

Helmholtz Munich

Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell

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