Mouse Model Generation by the Animal Modelling Facility at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Animal Modelling Facility at The Netherlands Cancer Institute

The Animal Modelling Facility (AMF) at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) consists of a molecular biology laboratory, an embryo manipulation laboratory and 2 rooms in the Animal Facility.

Service Description:

The AMF provides all services related to the generation of genetically engineered mice (GEM) for academic researchers, with full-service covering the design and all hands-on steps. The AMF keeps track of recent technological developments and tests their usefulness for improving model generation.

Included in the Service:

For each GEM the AMF designs efficient genotyping protocols. In addition, for each GEM the AMF provides cryopreservation and if needed revitalisation.

Additional Support

The AMF provides the services of modulating ES-cells for in vitro studies and produce viruses for somatic modelling.

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