Rodent Model Generation

INFRAFRONTIER partners offer the development of precision mouse models to study human diseases as a service to the biomedical research community on a non-profit pay-for-service or collaborative basis. In addition, some INFRAFRONTIER partners also offer the generation of rat models on a similar basis. If interested, please pbagnpg hf or directly apply to the service: Request Our Service Here

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Mouse Models for Modelling Human Diseases

One of the most widely requested INFRAFRONTIER service from the biomedical community is the generation of precision mouse models, which is mostly achieved using CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis technologies and entails the creation of bespoke mouse models based on the needs of the researchers.

The service covers the production of a single F1 genome-edited mouse line including prediction of off-target sites, preparation of sgRNA’s and Cas9 mRNA/protein, and injection into zygotes to generate F0 founder mutant animals (preferably on a C57BL/6N or C57BL/6J genetic background). Selected F0 animals are bred to produce F1 genome edited animals. Possible allele types that can be generated are indels, exon deletions (< 10kb) and point mutation insertions. Generally, newly developed mouse models will be made available in about 2-3 months following provision of all required information to start the service.

This service allows researchers that lack the necessary expertise and technology to create mouse models that precisely mimic the genetic perturbations in human diseases using the wealth of experience present in the INFRAFRONTIER consortium. To date, this service has been used to generate precision mouse models for, among other areas, leukemogenesis, acute myeloid leukemia, colon cancer, Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome, systemic capillary leak syndrome, and Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy.

INFRAFRONTIER Partners Offering Mouse Model Generation:

Helmholtz Munich

University of Oulu

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics

PHENOMIN-Institut Clinique de la Souris

Biomedical Research Center ‘Alexander Fleming’

Netherlands Cancer Institute

Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell

Rat Models for Modelling Human Diseases

In addition to mouse models, INFRAFRONTIER partners also offer generation of rat models using the latest gene-editing technologies. More than 25 rat model generation projects have been successfully completed for academic and industry users.

INFRAFRONTIER Partners Offering Rat Model Generation:

Czech Center for Phenogenomics

PHENOMIN-Institut Clinique de la Souris

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