INFRAFRONTIER Resources and Services

INFRAFRONTIER offers a host of state-of-the-art resources and services to the biomedical community with the aim to understand and combat human diseases.
They are provided by members of the INFRAFRONTIER consortium consisting of some of Europe’s leading biomedical institutions with unparalleled experience and expertise in using mouse models for biomedical research. Researchers worldwide use our services to complement their projects with valuable in vivo insights.

Offered by leading biomedical research institutes
More than 4000 publications
Involving INFRAFRONTIER resources
800+ manually curated disease models
Accurately and systematically curated and annotated


INFRAFRONTIER has an outstanding tradition of offering a select core of services – the INFRAFRONTIER Core Services. These services are our long-standing, widely-used and standardised services available to the biomedical research community. They define our service portfolio and outline our contributions to understanding and combating human diseases.

Rodent Model Generation

Generation of custom mouse and rat mutant strains using the latest genome-editing technologies by expert laboratories.


Mutant mouse models generated by researchers around the world are archived using the latest cryopreservation techniques in the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA).

Strain Distribution

The deposited mutant mouse lines are sent to researchers around the globe as frozen gametes or live cohorts.

Systemic Phenotyping

These systemic phenotyping platforms incorporate whole-system screens covering different diseases and organ systems.

Specialised Services and Offers for the Scientific Community

In addition to the core services, INFRAFRONTIER also offers a wide-range of specialised services and free-of-charge access provision to the scientific community for generating a specific mouse strain, re-deriving mouse strains in germ-free conditions and more.

Axenic Service

This service offers the germ-free derivation of user-provided mouse strains. These germ-free mice can be used for different gnotobiotic studies that shed light on the important contribution of the gut microbiota to health and disease.

COVID-19 Therapeutics Pipeline

Preclincial BSL3 pipeline for users to test novel therapeutics and vaccines.

Open Calls

Free-of-charge open calls funded by prominent third-parties like the European Commission.

Data Services

Services related to the data analysis and FAIRification.

Disease Areas

Specialised INFRAFRONTIER resources and services for specific disease areas.

To aid researchers with specific research interests, we have categorised some of our most important resources and services based on specific disease research areas. These categories include:


A list of COVID-19-related strains and emergency archiving services to aid COVID-19 research and minimise the loss of valuable mouse strains during the pandemic.


Browse through EMMA strains associated to more than 50 different cancer types and list of manually-curated disease models for cancer.

Rare Diseases

Access to over 1700 mouse strains (via EMMA) that are related to more than 1300 distinct rare diseases. Find the right model for the right disease.

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