May 6, 2024

On Friday, 3 May, two of the main social platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter, were painted in blue and green, the colours of EARA, the European Animal Research Association. It marked the celebration of Be Open about Animal Research Day (#BOARD24), an annual communication campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance for research centres and infrastructures to be transparent when disseminating their work with animal models.

INFRAFRONTIER did not hesitate to join over 1000 institutions, as it is an event we have not missed for the past 4 years. For this campaign, we’ve created three cards to emphasise our commitment to animal welfare. Each card refers to one of the 3Rs of animal research – Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement – and mentions some of the practices we implement in INFRAFRONTIER to reinforce each of the Rs.

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LinkedIn campaign

Twitter campaign

Naturally, our contribution to #BOARD24 only showcases a small part of what we do at INFRAFRONTIER in terms of animal welfare. However, we are recently working on developing fact sheets and other formats to showcase the actual extent of dedication from all INFRAFRONTIER partners in this area. We appreciate the joint effort initiated by the Animal Welfare Expert Working Group (AWEX WG) to collect all these practices and arguments, and we hope to share the results soon.

Be open about animal research!

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