INFRAFRONTIER and IMPC Will Organise a Satellite Event on Deciphering Human Gene Function at the ICRI2022 Conference

October 18, 2022

The International Conference of Research Infrastructures 2022 (ICRI 2022) will take place from 19-21 October in Brno, Czech Republic. It will bring together RIs from all over the world to share the most important topics and emerging trends relevant to international cooperation in the field of global research infrastructures. Among other issues, the role of RIs in the face of Grand Societal Challenges will be addressed, ranging topics from climate change, COVID-19 to digitalization. Furthermore, the importance of communicating success stories that showcase the benefits of joining resources in research will be discussed.

The program also includes side and satellite events before and during the main conference. This year, INFRAFRONTIER has organised, together with its partners in IMPC, the satellite event scheduled for 18 October at 13:00. This session entitled Global and European Infrastructures IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER Towards the Deciphering of Gene Functions for Human Health will be attended by representatives of partner institutions and RIs which share a common scope. After an introduction by journalist Alison Abbott, all participants will briefly present their efforts to decipher the role of the genome in human biology and disease. The talks will be followed by an interesting panel discussion on the importance of RIs in the scientific landscape and other key issues raised during the session.

INFRAFRONTIER and the IMPC will be represented by Radislav Sedlacek (Czech Centre of Phenogenomics, Current Chair of the IMPC), Yann Herault (PHENOMIN-ICS, Incoming Chair of the IMPC) and Martin Hrabe de Angelis (Helmholtz Munich, Scientific Director of the INFRAFRONTIER GmbH).


  • Radislav Sedlacek (Czech Center for Phenogenomics)
  • David Morrow (EATRIS ERIC)
  • Yann Herault (PHENOMIN-ICS)
  • Jens Habermann (BBMRI ERIC)
  • Yanis Mimouni (EJP RD)
  • Jacques Demotes (ECRIN)
  • Gabrielle Lemire (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
  • Martin Hrabe de Angelis (INFRAFRONTIER)

Get to know them better in “More about the speakers”. On-site attendance is by invitation only. The satellite event can be followed via Zoom. Please register at this link.

Check the entire ICRI 2022 programme here. Follow the event on Twitter: @icri2022 #ICRI2022

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