IMGC 2019: Come to Strasbourg in September – and register soon!

June 12, 2019

The annual conference of the International Mammalian Genome Society (IMGS) in autumn is a highlight for researchers in functional genomics worldwide. After exciting and scientifically fruitful meetings in Puerto Rico (November 2018) and Heidelberg (October 2017), the IMGS invites its global community to the 33rd edition of the International Mammalian Genome Conference (IMGC) to Strasbourg, France.

On 25 to 28 September 2019, the IMGC 2019 will be hosted at the premises of IGBMC and PHENOMIN-ICS in the Illkirch Innovation Park, only a few kilometres from the Strasbourg city center. The two organizers this year are Yann Herault, deputy director of the IGBMC, director of PHENOMIN-ICS, Strasbourg and elected member of the IMGS Secretariat, and Xavier Montagutelli, head of the Mouse Laboratory at Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The main purpose of the IMGS ( is to promote and stimulate research in mammalian genetics from sequencing to functional genomics, mutagenesis and mutant analysis, and to represent the concerns of its members in their professional activities. The company’s activities have grown with the growing awareness of the important and unique role of rodent species in biomedical research and current genetics.

Registration and submission:

The last date for the early bird registration is June 16, 2019. Regular registration is open until 6 September, with additional costs of 100 Euro. For IMGS members, registration is discounted.

June 16 is also the deadline for all abstract submissions and for IMGS and University of Strasbourg scholarship’s application.

All details about registration and submission: see


Invited speakers: The Verne Chapman Lecture will be given by Rudi Balling, director of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg.

Other confirmed speakers are Marisa Bartolomei, University of Pennsylvania; Christine M. Disteche, University of Washington; and Alexandre Reymond, Center for Integrative Genomic at the University of Lausanne.

Congratulations: The IMGS will honour the Mary Lyon Award Winners for 2019 – Melissa Wilson and Binnaz Yalcin

5 Workshops on Ensembl, GeneWeaver, IMPC, Next Gen Sequencing, and Easi-CRISPR will be on Wednesday, September 25th from 9 – noon.

The main meeting runs from Thursday through Saturday, finishing with an awards banquet on Saturday evening.

The IMGC always includes many opportunities for trainees to present their work and to talk with more senior scientists. The Trainee Symposium where students and post docs present their work mainly to an audience of their peers will be Wednesday, September 25th from noon to 6 PM. Three or four of these presentations will be chosen to be presented in the main meeting.

The conference will once again include the popular mentoring lunch where those looking for career advice can interact with established scientists on Thursday, 26 September 26

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