Strain Collections

The European Mutant Mouse Archive – EMMA comprises over 8800 mutant lines that are cryopreserved as frozen sperm and/or embryos. These mutants carry targeted, transgenic, endonuclease-mediated, induced and other types of mutations. A major part of the repository consists of strains donated to EMMA by individual researchers, but EMMA also archives and distributes strains originated by large-scale projects. All EMMA strains can be searched for and ordered from here:
list of available EMMA strains

Selected Strain Collections

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Over 4800 lines generated from the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) ES cell resources e.g. EUCOMM mice, and International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) mutant resources.

Cre and FLP Driver Lines

EMMA offers a variety of cre and FLP recombinase driver lines to work with the extensively used cre/lox and FLP/FRT recombination systems.

TET-expression Systems

EMMA has archived some lines using ‘TET-System’ technology (tetracycline-controlled Tet-Off and Tet-On gene expression systems to regulate the activity of genes).

Curated Disease Models

EMMA has manually curated the information of several archived mouse strains reported to constitute specific disease models.

Genome Editing Mice for Medicine – GEMM

Mice produced under the Genome Editing Mice for Medicine (GEMM) Programme funded by the Medical Research Council (UK).

Wellcome Trust Knockout Mouse Resource

The Wellcome Trust funded the acquisition of a limited number of gene knockout mouse strains and associated phenotypic data from Deltagen Inc. and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals.

Coronavidae-related EMMA Strains

EMMA strains that could be used for Coronaviridae infection research. Strains are related to SARS-CoV-2 and other Coronaviridae viral infections via their human orthologues.

Mouse Models for Cancer

Browse through EMMA strains associated to more than 50 different cancer types and a list of manually-curated disease models for cancer.

Mouse Models for Rare Disease Research

Access to over 1700 mouse strains carring mutations in genes that are implicated in causing more than 1300 distinct rare diseases.


Nuclear receptor family knock-out and conditional mouse lines generated by PHENOMIN-ICS.

PHENOMIN-ICS Recombinase Collection

Mouse lines expressing cre recombinases in various tissues and organs generated by PHENOMIN-ICS.

Mosaic Analysis with Double Markers (MADM)

Resource for genetic mosaic analysis with double markers of >96% of the entire mouse genome. They allow to visualize and concomitantly manipulate genetically defined cells in mice with single-cell resolution.

Rat Strains

Although the majority of strains in the European Mouse Mutant Archive are mouse strains, we also provide access to a growing number of rat strains.

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