INFRAFRONTIER is the European Research Infrastructure for Modelling Human Diseases

We contribute to human health by advancing disease prevention and therapies through appropriate models.


In the INFRAFRONTIER consortium, more than 20 leading biomedical research institutes in 15 countries join forces to investigate the link between gene function and human diseases by the use of model organisms.

The Core Services of INFRAFRONTIER:


Develop precision mouse and rat models using the latest gene-editing tools – from electroporation and to CRISPR.


Phenotype the mutant models in a systemic way – in standardised pipelines as well as in specialised phenotyping studies defined individually by research partners.


Archive mutant mouse models generated by scientific partners in Europe and worldwide with latest cryopreservation technologies.


Distribute mutant mouse lines via the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) – the premier mouse repository in Europe and one of the largest worldwide.

Additional Resources that INFRAFRONTIER offers to the Life Science Community:

Special Scientific Services

Axenic germ-free derivation of mice for microbiome research – GEMM-ESC archive for cancer models – COVID-19 therapeutics pipeline for novel treatments and vaccines.

Training & Events

Training & Events in model generation – cryopreservation – rodent biology and genetics – bioinformatics – Machine Learning.

Conferences & Meetings

Conferences & Meetings organised by INFRAFRONTIER and its scientific network partners.

The European INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure

As a non-profit organisation the INFRAFRONTIER GmbH coordinates the transnational activities of the national partners that form the European INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure.

Animal Welfare and Ethics

Our contribution to the welfare and ethical treatment of animals in research.


These leading research institutions contribute to the resources and services of INFRAFRONTIER.


INFRAFRONTIER cooperates widely on the European and international level to enhance biomedical research.


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Quality Management

Read more about INFRAFRONTIER approach to maintain high standards for quality.


All publications provided during mouse strain submission or enabled by a mouse strain request.

Gender Equality

Here’s our Gender Equality Plan (GEP) that addresses the EC-recommended thematic areas to promote gender equality in INFRAFRONTIER GmbH through institutional and cultural change.

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